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Friday, September 14, 2012

Quilt Show Day One

Today was the first day of the Athens Piecemakers Quilt Show. I thought I would share a few of the photos.
This is Cathy's Farm Fresh and the picture doesn't do it justice. Part of what you see is the quilt hanging behind it. That quilt's backing fabric is a little distracting in the photo. You don't really notice it in person.

This is Francene's entry in applique.
Georgia's applique entry is covered in yo-yo's. There is going to be a lot of competition in the applique division, this is only three, there are several more.

I don't think I have enough patience to make all those yo-yo's but who knows maybe someday.

This is my prediction for Best of Show.

This is a close up of the same quilt, much prettier. The strips were cut 7/8 inch so finished 3/8. I told her she is an over achiever. She has a quality that I wish would rub off on me, she works on one thing at a time and this took over a year. I don't think I have that long an attention span. It is a huge quilt.

This is one of mine, I don't think I've show it before. I named it Borrowed. Sue Manley had the top finished and showed it at guild one night and I went home and started it. I didn't have enough pinks and browns so I borrowed some from Donna. Since I borrowed both pattern and fabric that is what I named the quilt.

This is Ada's Paris in the Fall. I have the kit but that is one that is not even on my UFO list because it is all still in the package.

If you remember Phyllis made me a spool wall hanging for our brown bag challenge. This is her large version of a spool quilt. I asked her about her large stash of striped fabric. She says she has a lot.

Here's Linda's Winner's Circle. I helped her whip the binding down at our last stitch gathering.

This one also belongs to Cindy Robinson (little log cabin, best of show prediction). In this quilt she has parred 30's reproduction with a more tan that white background, very striking.

This is my Cheddar Kiss, I've shown it before but it looks so much better hanging in a show.

This is my Temptation Trail. These were the only two I planned to put in the show but we didn't get enough entries so I add Borrowed and "I Want Do That Again" . I will have to get a picture of it tomorrow  and  will tell you the story behind the name then.

These are the 3 miniatures I entered at the last minute. Left to right is, I Saw Red. Pixie Garden and My Needle Will Turn.
I will try to post more tomorrow for all followers that live too far away to come to the show.

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  1. This was such a fabulous show -- I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I saw you comment on my post today -- did you see the pictures I posted yesterday? I was so tickled -- I won a door prize! There were lots of lovely quilts! :)