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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Retreat

We met at Sweet Peppers for lunch before we make our trek out in the country to the Red Rooster Retreat. We arrived at 1:30 and immediately dove into different projects. I had a little bit of computer trouble getting on line so didn't make more pictures until after dinner. The menu tonight was beef stew, coleslaw, cornbread then dark chocolate chip cake. She also served cheese and crackers and pickled okra on the side. I convinced Dianna and Terrie to try the okra and it surprised them both, they liked it.

Most are Dancing With the Stars fans so they have that on now. Donna Assayag has her feet propped up enjoying the show.

Dianna Smith is working on an Auburn rag quilt for on of her sons. We kidded her about making her another Auburn quilt.

Cathy Owen is working on a Halloween applique project.
Gail Self, hard at it.

Gina Decker is telling me to back away with the camera. She is making a baby disappearing 9 patch.

Terri Michael is working on a blooming 9 patch.

Ada Nevels and Barbara Baker are taking a little relax time.


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  1. Right ... because how many Auburn quilts does one actually need?? An Alabama quilt, now -- that's different. You can *never* have too many of those! LOL!! Sounds (and looks) like you had a marvelous time!!! So, sew glad!!!! :)