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Saturday, October 6, 2012

S & T part 2

Cathy has done both travel and projects. This is a 1600 quilt she completed using a pack of Bali Pops and the dark accent square.
Here is a bag she is working on, brought for advise on the grommets. Of course this black and gold bag has Purdue fabric lining. Oh and according to the weather forecast this may be the last time for short pants and bare feet, going to drop very low temps by Monday.

Linda had made this Dish Golf tee shirt quilt for a friend. They had to explain Dish to me, not a big sports fan.
Linda as also just spent a week in New England and this is her return stash of goodies. Lots of patterns and wonderful wool. I'm not sure she even noticed the autumn color that the area is famous for this time of year.

I could kick myself for not getting pictures of a quilt that Butch had quilted for Ada and I didn't get a picture of the blocks she has made this week. It was the first real sewing she has done since her surgery. I just forgot to get the camera back out after pizza.

I shared my Carolina Chain and Stars Aligned with the group even though most had seen them on previous blogs. It is raining here this morning so it should be a good sew day. Go sew everyone!!!

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