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Friday, February 17, 2017

Guild Challenges

Since I am no longer working I have more social time so I joined two guilds. I also have a group that gets together to stitch one Saturday every month or six weeks. This group doesn't have a set date just plan it one stitch day to the next. Most everyone brings hand work but a few bring their machines. It is a fairly large group and we meet at the community center in Somerville.

One of the guilds - Quilt Lovers - has a half yard challenge. I came up with a plan for this one the very next morning and got started on it right away. I am very pleased with how it is coming along. However since it is a secret I can't share any pictures and the revile is not until December.

The other guild - New Beginnings Quilt Guild - had a ripped yard challenge. I wasn't familiar with this one, but was told to bring a yard of fabric to the last meeting.    We stood in a circle and passed our fabric x number of times and then we ripped the fabric we had in half. We kept half and passed the other half so many times then ripped that piece in half keeping half and passing the other half. We kept doing this until the last piece was about a 5 inch square. We were just dropping the pieces we were keeping in the floor and when it was done and you looked down at what you had to work with it was pretty daunting. I wish I had taken a picture of the fabrics before I cut them up. The only rule was you had to use at least half of each piece. You could add other fabric. We were supposed to keep the left over scraps in a bag so that everyone could see the original fabrics you had to start with on your project. I did take a picture of my scraps.
A pile of ugly, but as the saying goes if it is still ugly you haven't cut it small enough. We had to make something for ourselves, but it could be anything from a purse, pillow, table runner or quilt or anything you could come up with using your fabrics. Mine is done and the revile is in October. Johnny says I will probably loose it before then. Maybe not.

This morning I am working on blocks for this guilds charity quilts. I will post more on that later.

Happy stitching,


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