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Monday, February 6, 2017

Shower Thoughts

Around our house when one of us says I've had a shower thought, then look out we have come up with another idea. It is kind of a running joke, but then I get some of my best ideas while in the shower or getting dressed. I guess it is a time when you are on automatic and your mind has time to wonder around up there and sometimes some idea or solution to a problem will just pop out. That is what happened the other day with the zigzag blocks. I thought of another way to lay out the blocks.

Instead of alternating colors as I did in my first layout I tried grouping them by color sort of in a rainbow pattern.
The first one seemed to heavy on the bottom, so I shifted some colors around in a more diagonal pattern.

Then I shifted it again. This one is more to my liking, however I think I will make a few more blocks so that it is bigger and the colors can be in distinct rows. What do you think?

Hope you have good shower thoughts today,



  1. That is really cool. I love this quilt. Great Shower Thought moment!

  2. Love where you are going with these blocks. It looks like a rainbow wave. Very nice. ;^)

    1. I hope adding more blocks will enhance the wave

  3. Love the phrase "shower thoughts!" It so effectively expresses the concept. I like your diagonal rainbow layout best.

  4. sometimes my shower thoughts can be way out there but I think this one works

  5. This is darling! I love, love, love it! Great job. keep those shower thoughts coming.

  6. Another great shower moment. I really do like the last one in the diagonal color changes. You did good.