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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Busy Week

Looking back on last week I am really surprised I got anything accomplished. I had two guild meetings, both of which required taking food. We got a new roof and on Friday Johnny and I went to Daddy's to help out with a little yard work. There were areas that need a chain saw and Daddy is no longer strong enough to do that kind of thing. We really should not have let it go so long but he is not one accept help much less ask for it. We will be going back to do more. The yard was always Mother's domain and she has been gone 3 and a half years and was not able to do that kind of thing for probably that many years before she passed away. Things have really grown up but just a half of a day in the heat was all we could handle at one time. This being said I didn't get a lot of sewing done this week so not all of last weeks list got done and some will reappear on this weeks list and others will be pushed back even further.

Weekly goals for the week of June 11, 2017

1. Borders, binding and back of 100 patch to get it ready for quilting. Same as last week except I did the the top and bottom borders attached. Also realize I will need more fabric for binding.

2. Quilt B&W D9P -- still on list because it is my 12 for 12 project for June. I need it quilted this week so that I will have a binding project for the Somerville Stitch Group when we meet of Saturday.

3. cut enough 2.5 by 16 inch strips for scrap drawer for 30 or 42 Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks. Yes some of the little time I had sewing Friday and Saturday, I started another project. This one is intended for the Habitat project.

4. Piece embroidery block -- I have a neighbor that embroideries these pre-stamped blocks and then I put them together and quilt them for her. She brought 36 blocks to me yesterday.

5. Quilt at least one of Elaine's quilts, there are 3 and she says she is in no hurry so I will space them out some.

I am going to stop with these 5 items this week and just hope for the best.

 Here are 4 of the scrappy trip blocks. I am not sure how I will set them together this time, will have to try a few variations when more blocks are done.

If I get bored with these I will either work on Garden Party or my Rainbow Challenge blocks.

Happy Stitching,


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