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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Half Way

2017 Project List

1. En Province-------March finish
2. Jamestown landing in green
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch--------June finish
4. Split Rail ---------February finish
5. 100 patch
6. Three inch shoe fly
7. North woods - king ----May finish
8. Black white and red rails ---------   January finish
9. Pink 1 x 4 x 16
10. Rick Rack Nines
11. Oversize Dreams   ----- April finish
12. Blue all around

Well I am half way done on my 12 for 12 finish. That is 12 unfinished projects for 12 months. I am afraid I have finished the easy half. What I have left may require some work.

2. Jamestown Landing, the only picture I could find of my work on it was Oct. of 2014. I know I tried to work on it some this time last year when I was recovering from foot surgery but didn't take any more pictures.

5.100 patch --- is ready to quilt

6. Three inch shoe fly--- looks like I started it in Feb of 2016, lots left to do on this one.
9. pink, quilting this pattern on one of Donna's quilts caused this UFO to be started and looking back through my pictures I can't find any of either mine on the design wall or of Donna's quilt as I was quilting it. I may be in trouble trying to remember the pattern.

11. Rick Rack Nines
I have more rows put together now but still have more to go. At least all the components are done just need assembly.

12. Blue all Around -- These blocks were done before we moved to Hartselle and that was 7 years ago, I think I have everything done except the assembly.  I may pull this one out and work on it today.

Happy Stitching,



  1. I totally understand finishing the "easy" half. That is what I have done as well. Hope your second half is as productive as the first half. LOVE your green Jamestown Landing. It's on my "to do list someday." Happy quilting!

    1. thanks, did some evaluating yesterday on what is left and I do have some work ahead

  2. Holy cow! you are amazing at finishing all these UFOs. I am only on my 2nd for the year. (3 Other finishes, though) I love your quilts. You are talented.

    1. thanks for stopping by, techniques are my weakness so when I see something new I have to try it, hence so many UFO's