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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Show and Tell

Saturday was stitch day at Somerville. We had a good turnout although some were missing. As always we go around the table and tell what all has been going on in our lives since we last met and some will bring something to show.

Faye finally got one of the block a month from Quilters Refuge put together. I can't say anything she is ahead of me.It is on my to do list of the future.

Cora brought her 3D flowers. This picture is from guild night.

Bonnie has one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns. I think she said this one was Waste Not Want Not. Gina is pointing out that it would be a good pattern for our four patch challenge.

This is one of Ivy's that I have fell in love with. She said for about 3 years she has been getting our scraps and cutting 1.5 inch squares and then making four patches and then putting them together into these little 6 inch blocks. She plans to use the larger four patches from our swap for an outer border.

I can't remember if this one is Bonnie's or Sue's. Need to do the post sooner then I won't forget.

This is Mary Harris's, I think she said it was done like a round robin.

I think this is another Bonnie Hunter pattern called Garlic Knots. Ada made this one and gave it to Ivy for Habitat quilts.

Here is my D9P in black and white. Ada helped me with the binding and we had it done by lunch time. Yes a king size quilt bound in 2 hours, I am fast but Ada just runs away with it.

There were a lot of things being worked on that I didn't get picture of at this time. We all had a great time.

Happy Stitching,


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