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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guild Show and Tell

Last night was the Decatur Quilt Lovers Guild meeting. We always have an interesting show and tell and last night was no exception. These are not the greatest photos, it seems I always sit at the wrong place for picture taking. Last year several of the members participated in the Meadow Mist Mystery and there were three shown last night.

The top picture was Elaine's and I quilted it for her. She also showed this flimsy she has just finished. She always finds the most interesting patterns. Oh and the back of her mystery is pieced it like a zipper.

Becky has been sewing on some tote bags.

Okay I remember everyone got all excited about this on and we were really trying to figure out the pattern. It is HST's and sash strips, but not I don't remember whose quilt it was. Just remembered it was Mary's I think.

If I remember right, this one was Dianne's. She had bought the fabric to make something for her sister but loved it so much she made a quilt for her bed.

I believe this one is one Mary said she started for the Renegade group but it became to big for that particular charity.

I am drawing a total blank on this one, except that Carol said it could qualify for some nine patch challenge someone was having.

 Dianne also made some of the cutest  place mats, I won't even get into the discussion we had on them. They made everyone thing spring or Easter. This photo is no good.

I think this En Provence was Cathy's.

Jill worked on this 1600 quilt while she was stuck in a hotel while her floors were being redone. She is not happy with the size and spacing of some of the strips. Much discussion on it, she is probably going to take it apart.

Here is another 1600 that I think Cathy O. pieced and Ivy quilted as a Habitat Quilt.

Ivy showed a couple of things she had quilted. She had also quilted several of the above quilts.

Carol finished her first art quilt. I believe she said it is for the Hoffman Challenge.

Mabel surprised us all with her hand towel scarf.

Several meeting back I carried a box of strips cut 1.75 wide. These had been but for several years and I offered them to anyone interested. Betty took them home with her and brought back this little quilt last night. So great to see them put to good use.

I showed my pineapple pillow and pinwheel runner. Of course I didn't get any photos at the meeting and I carried them to my booth at the Antique Basket this morning so the pictures I took there are not very good either.

As you can see these meeting are very inspiring. So many beautiful things. I just want to make them all.

Happy Stitching,


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