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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Best Laid Plans

If you read my last post then you know how excited I have become with these tumbler blocks, or solo cups as my husband calls them. I have had this bright little bug fabric I have been trying to use.  

So I decided to pull colors from it and do the tumbler quilt again in baby quilt size. I choose a white as my alternate fabric.

Really like how the colors pop.

Then I added the border and blah! It just doesn't do anything for it. I really think I will pull the borders off and quilt it without borders or go get one of the turquoise or greens that is in it for a plain border. I still like the border print and if  I had used a yellow as the alternate block I think it would have a totally different look. This one may sit here while I decide what to do.

Happy Stitching,



  1. I've made 3 tumbler quilts. Now you've made me want to make another. Mine were all scrappy. That's such a cute border fabric. Too bad it didn't work. Barb

  2. Teresa - I just LOVE your little tumbler quilt - it is SUCH happy colors!!!! Maybe if you took off the yellow border and put on a white background fabric to "stop the action" of the quilt center, then put the yellow back on it will look much better. That yellow fabric should work - it is all happy colors just like the quilt center - the close up picture looks really good to. Maybe part of it is competition of the rug and surrounding items.

    HUGS to you - that quilt is beautiful!!! Kara

  3. Oh, that bug fabric is so cute! I can understand why you were excited to use it as the border. You're right, a more solid border might work better. The bugs end up reading as a solid, and that's kind of a waste of all the fun little faces. Sounds like the bugs need to marinate in your stash a while longer until the perfect quilt arrives :)