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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rails or Coins

Yesterday Bonnie Hunter announced her 2017 Leader and Ender Challenge. This year it is a rail fence block. She doesn't have a specific size but gave several options and showed several ways to set them together. Normally I am not a leader and ender type of sewer so I have not participated in these challenges before, but this year may be different. When I was trying to finish my 100 patch top I had run out of enough variety of 2 inch squares so I got back into the 2 inch strip drawer for more variety. My thought was that once I pulled a strip it wasn't going back into the drawer but I didn't necessarily need that many squares of one fabric. I decided to cut either one or two 6.5 inch lengths and the rest in squares. Before I finished I had a nice little basket of these 2 by 6.5 inch rectangles. My thinking was that I would either use these for Chinese Coins or the stacked book pattern. Now the rail fence block may be an option. Four of these strips sewn together will make a square. So I stitched up a few just to test it.

At this point I am not really sold on it, but maybe it is too soon to tell, so I stitched up a few more.

Still not sold so I laid them out as Chinese Coins.

I like this maybe better. I left it over night and this morning I thought I would see how it would look on the diagonal.

I think I like this way the best if I stay with the rail fence challenge. I will just keep making the blocks whenever I have a few minutes to sew and just see how things come along.

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Happy Stitching.



  1. Hi Teresa your rail blocks are looking great and you sure are off to a great start; for some reason I all ways like these in the Chinese's Coin sets specially on white they make such stunning quilts, looking forward to seeing where they take you Cheers Glenda

    1. thanks I am leaning towards to coins but who knows

  2. Lovely scrappy 'rail' blocks! I too find using the design wall really helps, look forward to seeing just which way you decide to go! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  3. Rail Fence and Coins - that does sound familiar :-)
    I am sure you have enough fabric to make one of each variation. All pretty and scrappy. Terrific stashbuster too!!!

    1. I am sure you are right, who know may do both