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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Solo Cups

I got the rest of the rows put together and the borders added yesterday. I have the matching binding made and now need to find something for a back. It measures 62 by 78 so I need about 4 yards of something from my stash. I should be able to find something, if not I will put some smaller pieces together for back art. When I showed the finished flimsy to Johnny, his first response was Solo Cups. It does look like upside down solo cups, so I guess we have a name for this one. I really enjoyed putting this one together, it worked up so quickly. I have some tumblers left over, so that is a start on the next one. I used the Layer Cake Dresden Plate ruler from Missouri Star. I cut a 4.5 inch strip from fat quarters and got either 5 or 6 tumblers from each strip. There was very little waste this way and stacking several strips made the cutting go fast. They could be cut from charm squares but with a little more waste. I used the same neutral throughout and cut these the same way. Maybe I can get it quilted this week.

Happy Stitching,



  1. This looks really good Teresa. I like the name Solo Cups, they really do look like upside down cups! Thanks for explaining how you cut your tumblers. I'm off to the sewing room to cut a few and see if I can get them together!

  2. I'm glad you mentioned tumblers...I knew there was another name besides Solo cups LOL

  3. Solo cuts is the perfect name. Love all that scrappy goodness!