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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer in the South

It is definitely summer time here. The heat index has been over 100 most days. Our garden is trying to play out but Daddy's still has a good bit coming in every day. It is mostly his little tomatoes and I am doing my best to give away what I can't use. Even with the garden chores I was able to get the items on last weeks list done, but only because I kept it simple. So this week I will stay with that game plan.

Weekly goals for 7-23-17

1. add borders to the Bama quilt.
2. finish piecing tumbler blocks -- more on this maybe tomorrow
3. quilt a project Linus top
4. bind the 100 patch quilt

Here is a picture of the 100 patch as I was taking it off the machine. I just stippled it in a royal blue thread.

Here is the Bama quilt. It is the Turning Twenty Again pattern. Not the best picture, didn't have access to the whole floor. I plan to put a solid black inner border then one of the Alabama prints for the outer border.

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  1. Love the 100 patch quilt. More at use of scraps and color.

  2. That's a gorgeous scrappy quilt!
    Enjoy your hand stitching!

  3. You've got a couple of really nice projects going there. The school quilt is sure to make someone happy, but that 100 Patch is scrapalicious!!

    1. Thanks, I really liked how the 100 patch turned out and it really depleted my box of 2 inch squares.

  4. The royal blue surrounding the 100 patches just makes the patches pop. It's a gorgeous quilt. Your Alabama quilt is going to be really cute!

    1. I had thought I would use green, but while shopping changed my mind and am very happy with it, thanks for stopping by

  5. Love that blue around the 100 patches. How big are those patches? What a lot of patience that must have taken!