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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Project List

1. En Province
2. Jamestown landing in green
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch
4. Split Rail
5. 100 patch
6. Three inch shoe fly
7. North woods - king
8. Black white and red rails ---------   January finish
9. Pink 1 x 4 x 16
10. Rick Rack Nines
11. Oversize Pokemon Dreams
12. Blue all around

Glad to be able to mark one off the list. I went back on Facebook and saw where I had posted pictures of some of these blocks on my design wall on August 10, 2016. So these have been done for a while but then not nearly as long as some of my other projects. This is my third finish for January, but the other two were not on my 12 for 12 list, just this one. Hopefully I am headed in the right direction, that is finishing things not starting things. yea right,

Happy stitching,


1 comment:

  1. Your rail fence quilt is very pretty. I've always wanted to make a black/red/gray quilt, maybe someday.