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Monday, January 30, 2017

DWM 1-30-2017

Well the month of January is just about behind us. It has been a very busy month for me. Not working retail has only meant I had more hours and more energy to put back into my quilting. I don't know why I have been going at it like I have to finish everything right now but that attitude has enabled me to get quite a few things done, just not everything. Saturday's post was wrap up weekend and I had four items listed. So the status on those items is:

1. Rust bordered split rail, all I needed to get it going out to the quilt shack was to piece the back. I needed 5 yards for an easy piece, but I only have 4.5 so on to plan B. I have some blocks left over so maybe I can insert them in the back. Check back later to see what I was able to work out.

2. Hop n Blue, I needed to add outer border, make binding and piece back. DONE

3. Press back and make binding for En Provence. I debated on the color of binding for a while. I had enough of the constant pink so that is what I went with over a light purple. DONE

4. I finished the other 8 blocks on this one, got them sashed together and added borders. Way more than I hoped to accomplish on this one. I really liked how the black print grounded all the wildness of it. Not sure if I will use it for the binding or something else.

Got a lot accomplished this weekend (3 out of 4) so there is not a lot on my design wall right now. Oh there is plenty to go back up there and get back to work on later. I hope to get some quilting done this week but things may be stacked against that. A couple of weeks ago Daddy got a letter from Veterans that said they had received notification that he was dead but if that was an error fill out form and also contact social security. Well of course this is just the beginning of the headache. I thought we had it straightened out with social security but he got 3 letters from them on Saturday that are confusing. He has also gotten notification from his 401 K and I am afraid his insurance  may be messed up. Haven't heard anything yet on his other 2 retirements but hopefully we can get this straightened out. In between this and doctors appointments I will be stitching away.




  1. I recognize those chevrons! (Then I went back and read that I gave you the idea. ) Wasn't En Provence a great design? I used a medium purple for the binding on mine. Hopscotch is one of Bonnie's patterns on my very lengthy want-to-make list. Have a great week!

    1. yes you did cause me to break the NO MORE NEW PROJECTS not once but twice. haven't decided which way to go on the little zigzag blocks yet

  2. You have been very busy!
    I had bought extra of the constant for En Provence so that was what I used. I like the way it looks - the quilt doesn't fade away.
    The black sashing does calm the quilt down and give the eye a place to rest. It is a great scrappy quilt.
    I don't envy you trying to solve the problem for your dad. It sounds tough.


    1. thank you, going to Daddy's this morning to see what now lol