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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rainbow Challenge

Getting back into quilting full time as well as blogging has been fun as well as mind boggling. I am so far behind on everything.  Catching up on other blogs that I used to follow I again am seeing folks talking about the Rainbow Challenge. In the past with working full time I knew I wouldn't have time to do something every month. While I should have made a news years resolution not to start anything new I know that is just not me, but maybe just doing a little something each month will satisfy me. It also helped that the color for January was purple and I still had a lot of that color out. Now to decide what block to do each month. I looked at what a lot of others were doing and some that had been done in the past. I decided on one that uses 2.5 inch squares because I have a box of those already cut plus a drawer full of 2.5 inch strips that is over flowing.

This is the block I chose. I have done a similar block that had 16 squares that were framed in white with other squares as sashing.

This is one I did in 2015, I think I gave it to Ivy to use as a Habitat quilt.

As I hung the block on my design wall I realized I already had this block done. It is an orphan block left over from the triplets quilts. So who knows I may do one of each block , doubling the added work in progress. Who is surprised?

Happy stitching,


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