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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Twelve for Twelve

A couple of years ago I made up a list of twelve unfinished projects I had sitting around the sewing room. Each month I would draw a number and that was the project I had to finish that month. At the end of the year I had twelve finished projects. I am not saying this kept me from starting other projects and I even finished some of those, but at least I did finish some of those older projects. So this year I have made another list of twelve projects that are in some stage of completion here in the sewing room. These are not projects that have been boxed up and stacked on shelves in my stash closet (not even going there). These are projects that are out in the open, most have been started in the last few months but a couple have been hanging around for a couple of years. I am not drawing numbers this year just working on one or more of the projects but must finish at least one each month.

2017 Project List

1. En Province
2. Jamestown landing in green
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch
4. Split Rail
5. 100 patch
6. Three inch shoe fly
7. North woods - king
8. Black white and red rails
9. Pink 1 x 4 x 16
10. Rick Rack Nines
11. Oversize Pokemon Dreams
12. Blue all around

I have been working pretty steadily on En Province this week and hope to have the flimsy finished by  Saturday. It is going to be very cold here this weekend so I probably won't get out to the studio and quilt until it warms up some, that is assuming I have something I can use as a back and can find the right thread without ordering some.

I know there are other projects that need to be on the list and maybe I can get some of them completed as bonus projects. Number 2 and 3 were intended as wedding gifts for a niece and nephew, both have now been married 2 years, definitely time to get these done.

Wish me luck,


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