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Friday, March 24, 2017


Well I hope I am back, on March 10 my laptop went black. No warning that I had any trouble it was just gone. We ordered me a new computer and it did not get here until the following Saturday. I thought I would get a lot more done since I would not be wasting any time playing solitaire or putting jigsaw puzzles together on line, but I don't feel like I did. Oh I did get a good bit of sewing time in but not as much quilting time as I would like. Weather was the main reason for lack of quilting.
I did get this one quilted and it is now bound, I just didn't take a quilted photo. I will need to correct that. The Quilt Lovers Guild has a UFO challenge each month. From the sign in sheet first a name is pulled for the door prize and then a name is pulled for the UFO challenge. The name pulled has to finish a UFO project and bring it to the next meeting. February I won the door prize plus since it was my birthday month I got a gift. I made out like a bandit that night. At the March meeting my name was pulled for the UFO challenge. Since finishing projects  has been an ongoing thing for me I didn't think that would be a problem. After thinking about it I decided to make it a real challenge for myself. This quilt is one that I had pushed to the back burner several times. I had the center of the quilt done but needed to add the borders and that was the challenge. Border fabric with mitered corners just isn't my thing but it is what this quilt needed. So after seeking advise from Ada on the cutting, I did it. It is not exactly perfect but it is done.

Now for the second reason for delay to getting back to blog land. On Sunday after I got the new laptop Johnny was not feeling well. In fact so bad I carried him to the ER and they kept him for two days. He is finally much better and more like himself but I was really worried about him there for a while.  He has follow up Dr. appointments and I hope they can get him back to 100%. In the next few days I will post more on what I did get accomplished without computer interference and what I did to keep my mind occupied instead of worrying so much about Johnny.

Happy stitching,


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