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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blocks and Bibs

Yesterday while it was storming I pulled out my basked of individual patterns. I sorted some into the I still really like pile, them but put on the back burner for now. Then I sorted some of the smaller projects that were seasonal and put them in order of things I need to do now for the next season or they will just wait until next time. I did find the pattern for the black, red and tan quilt that I showed at stitch day last Saturday so I will carry the pattern to Sue. She thought it would make a nice "Quilt of Valor" with a change of colors.I even culled some patterns as will not ever do these and set them aside to give away.  AND then I found a pattern that just jumped out and grabbed me, calling now, now, now so of course I had to try at least a block. It is called Thank You Stars but Fons and Porter. The first block went so well I cut out 5 more, you know, just to see how they would look together.

I think they will do nicely. In the pattern they are sashed with a darker tan and dark blue cornerstones. It doesn't have a border but I think I will add one to make it the size I need. Only 14 more blocks to go. I should have taken down the 3 little red and tan blocks on the right, that is just a little something I am playing with, not sure where it is going yet.

I got a very early start this morning and I think I had these made before 8 o'clock. I know I was vacuuming at 8. After breakfast I got started making baby bibs. I had made 4 to put in my booth at Antique Basket and when I picked up my check yesterday (surprised that I made anything for a February) she said I had sold 2 of the bibs.

I had left over Winnie the Pooh fabric so I made these.

I bought these bunnies when the Easter fabric was on sale.

I can always count on anything Alabama selling so I made one for the team and to be fair made one for Auburn as well.

Sorry the Bama one is a little blurry.

Then I wanted to try something a little extra. Baby's first birthday is a big deal so I made one to celebrate.

I tried to make it gender neutral. I have a lime green chevron on the back. It has been a while since I did any machine applique' and I think this one took as long to make as all the others put together. 

The first one took a little while to figure out how and where to sew the Velcro before putting the parts together.  On the first bibs I sewed snaps on by hand. Once I figured out placement the Velcro went a lot faster.

I am going to deliver these tomorrow and do the grocery shopping but maybe I will find time to get back on those blocks and maybe get back out to the quilt shack on Saturday.

Happy stitching,


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