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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thank You Stars update

I have done very well on my weekly goals this week, but as usual I am already coming up with other ideas. I just hope I don't forget them before I get a chance to get back to them. The fact that I didn't stop what I was doing and start putting it together right then is amazing, but the day is not over yet.

1. Finish quilting En Provence -- started it on Saturday ---- done
2. Make 12 more of the Thank You Stars---- done
3. Finish binding Spinning out of Control----done
4. Finish binding on Not a Wink ---- about 30 inches left to do
5. Put zigzag blocks together
6. work on pillow from left overs of zigzag blocks
7. bind En Provence---- about 30 inches left to finish

Yes I got to within 30 or so inches of binding all of En Provence yesterday and this is a 87 inch square quilt. I watched a marathon of Love It or List It and stitched.

I had 4 of the Thank You Stars left to piece this morning and I got them knocked out and started auditioning sashing fabric. I had mentioned I might try a cheddar but the only one I had enough of was too bright (not as bright as the picture). The one I liked I only had a yard of and need 1.75 yards.

This one I thought might be a real contender because in looked more like the fabric used in the pattern but also was a little light.

I also said I might try a gold and even though it looked better in person than in the picture I didn't feel it was right.

I tried a darker beige but BLAH.

I had another civil war piece the was dark gold with tiny black circles or rings. I thought if photographed a little green so wasn't sure about it.

So I pulled in my color advisor and got his opinion, especially since I was making it to go on the bed in his radio room. Surprisingly he was not opposed to the cheddar that I didn't have enough of but like me didn't care for the one that I had enough yardage. I could check with some of my friends to see if they had any but he said the dark gold was probably the best choice. When you put it with the navy I am going to use for corner stones and then navy for an outside border I think it will work. I have other things still to do on my weekly goals so I will hold off on cutting the sashing and who knows something else may turn up.

Happy Stitching,


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  1. I just found your blog, and I love it. You work on many projects at once, just like me! A78mandel at yahoo dot com