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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pokeymon Dreams

Everyone knows I am a big Bonnie Hunter fan and I have done a lot of her patterns. Some I have done more than once and some in some size variation. I have done the rick rack nine and the dancing nine patch in baby quilt size and probably others that are just not coming to mind now. I have at least three full size patterns of hers in UFO status now. One of these is Perkiomen Daydreams. This is one I work on a while then set aside. Sometime last year or maybe the year before that I got the idea to make the block with 2.5 inch strips instead of the 1.5 inch. My thinking was much larger blocks mean less blocks to make. So off in went in strip piecing mood. I had a stack of blocks made and they have been setting in a pile for quite some time. I had started a layout and had put two or three rows together but then they just set while I went on to other things. That is until the first of last week when Johnny had a stay in the hospital. I carried him to the ER Sunday afternoon and they decided he needed to stay at least overnight. Johnny won't leave Lucy (our dog) by herself due to her health issues so a very good friend came and stayed with her Sunday. He didn't want to ask someone to stay with Lucy while I just set waiting on them to run tests on him so I stayed home and worried. I also sewed. I pulled out that pile of blocks and went to work. I would lay the rows out on our king size bed and then bring row at a time to the sewing room and put it together. This went faster than I thought and helped keep me busy since I had trouble setting still. All day I worried and sewed finally he found out he was staying another night so I asked Gina to come back and stay with Lucy long enough to carry Johnny some needed items. He got to come home the next morning and Lucy and I picked him up about lunch time. In that approximately 36 hours of waiting and worrying I got this done. Since I can't pronounce Bonnie's pattern name I am calling my variation Pokeymon Dreams extra large. It measures 103 square. Oh and I had 18 blocks left over.

Things are better for Johnny, his blood pressure is coming down slowly. He has doctors appointment with GP tomorrow and heart doctor in April so probably one or the other will change or add to his medication. Just taking it one day at a time for now.

Until later, happy stitching,


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