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Monday, March 27, 2017

DWM 3-27-17

In my time off the grid (without a computer) I did get some things finished and worked on a few old projects. One project bag I had come across was a jelly roll in brights with a large yardage of a white on white. There was one completed block in the bag with several HST and squares already cut. I recognized it as a Thangles pattern I had done before. The pattern wasn't with the bag but I found it another day.The label for the jelly roll was gone and I had no more 2 inch finished Thangles so I cut them out using the Easy Angle Ruler.  I made a few blocks and started playing with them on the design wall. The original pattern used 2.5 inch finished Thangles but since I was cutting these from a Jelly Roll they would finish 2 inches. Laying out the blocks like the pattern seemed too busy.

So I tried a few other patterns. With this block it is basically a split nine patch and can be laid out like any log cabin.

I tried setting then in straight rows and it has a good clean look but maybe a  little too simple.

This lay out led me to grafting my own pattern. I didn't take a picture of my sketch but it had some open areas of the plain white. I showed it to Johnny but didn't get much of a reaction from him.

I liked the field and furrows lay out well enough to calculate the number of blocks I would need to make it bigger. I decided to 120 setting it 10 x 12. The jelly roll had less orange than the other colors so I add a strip or two from my stash. I also ended up adding some yellow to keep the blocks balanced. The jelly roll was more weighted more with pink, red and blue. There was barely enough green. I got the 120 blocks made in my computer down time but have not set them together yet. Just not sure of the setting.

I even considered setting them together as blocks but maybe that is to predictable. I just don't know, so for right now they are in a holding pattern. What do you think? Oh I have even bought a blue polka dot for the border.

Someone had posted a cartoon on Facebook that said "I heard it takes a long time to finish a quilt you are not working on" . How true, how true.

Check back later to see what else I worked on while off the grid.

Happy stitching,


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