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Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 12 for 12

I had meant to make this post on the day my laptop went black, so here it is now .

2017 Project List

1. En Province-------March finish
2. Jamestown landing in green
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch
4. Split Rail ---------February finish
5. 100 patch
6. Three inch shoe fly
7. North woods - king
8. Black white and red rails ---------   January finish
9. Pink 1 x 4 x 16
10. Rick Rack Nines
11. Oversize Dreams
12. Blue all around

The list is trickling down. I have two tops from the list ready to quilt. Number 7 and 11 and both are king size. Hopefully I can get at least one of the quilted and bound for April.  Number 12 has the blocks done just need to be put together. I was going to tackle it next because the blocks are made but looking at the pattern I see that there are HST in the border. I don't know if I have them made already and they are just not with the blocks or if I had intended to leave that part off. I don't want to put the blocks together with a plan border and then down the road find a box of HST in blue and white, so I chose another to work on now. I went with number 10 since I thought I had all the nine patches made. However when I pulled out the pattern, it is from Bonnie Hunters book Adventures with Leaders and Enders, I remembered I was going to make it smaller than the king size. Well I have a king size bed so I got started on the other 56 blocks I need to make the king size. That only makes sense.

I have started putting it together and it will be a challenge but a king won't be any harder than the queen size I had originally thought I would make.

I will probably end up laying it out on the bed and bringing it row at a time to the machine. Get more exercise that way. I am using a variety of shirting for the alternate block. I think one of them may be a little to dark. Not sure if I will go back and change it or leave it.

Happy stitching for now.


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