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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Goals

It was last night before I finished last weeks goals, but I did get them done. I had thought this week that I might just make my goals all quilted items. Probably just commit to quilting 7 items not specific, just see where my interest led me. However I got to thinking about the week ahead and decided that was unrealistic. I have two guild meetings, a doctors appointment and I need to see about getting our taxes done plus it is supposed to rain and I don't usually go out to the quilt shack when it is raining. So this week my goals are going to be a little less demanding.

1. Finish quilting En Provence -- started it on Saturday
2. Make 12 more of the Thank You Stars
3. Finish binding Spinning out of Control
4. Finish binding on Not a Wink
5. Put zigzag blocks together
6. work on pillow from left overs of zigzag blocks
7. bind En Provence

Looks like I am scheduling myself a lot of chair time with all this binding but 3 & 4 are partially done so I think it is doable.

Join me and make some goals for yourself. It doesn't have to be 7 different things, it can be to just finish one item. It is very satisfying to finish some things and if I don't get to all my items no big deal it will just go back on another list. Eventually I will get to it.

Happy Stitching


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