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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Don't Look Back

I shouldn't have done it but I was trying to remember when I started this blog so I went all the the way back to May 2012 when I started in the blog world. I started it as a way to share our trip with other quilting friends that were not making the trip. Six of us went on a major shop hop, 20 shops in 9 days. It was nice seeing the pictures from the trip and I kept paging forward seeing things I have completed and others that are still in progress. However I came across a disturbing list from Oct. 2015---

1. Lime Crystals
2. Jamestown Landing in green for Danielle and Thomas 
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch for Tyler and Roberta 
4. Tossed Greens and applique project 
5. Flip Flops for Kelly 
6. Blue Ridge Beauty 
7. Spider Web 
8. Alabama scrappy trip around the world 
9. Searching - RWB flying geese 
10. Blue and Yellow Irish Chain 
11. 2006 civil war BOM 
12. Double Wedding Ring 
13. Blue and Tan table runner 
14. As the Crow Flies, more applique 
15. Blue and White Carpenter Wheel 
16. Stepping Stones 

I had made a list of 16 works in progress, I thought I was doing so good in the finishing up goal. WRONG of this list only number 1 is finished. No 2 is on my 12 for 12 list this year and all the others are in the closed somewhere. I have got to look into these to check status. I know No. 12 the double wedding ring may turn into a table runner. 

Gone to sew, 

happy stitching, 



  1. As the title of this post says...No Looking Back. I have had the same quilt on my UFO list for 8 years and it still isn't done.

  2. thanks for sharing that, makes me feel so much better