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Saturday, April 22, 2017

How True

In today's paper the horoscope for an Aquarius (me) says --- You'll pinpoint the culprit keeping you from being organized. More than likely, it's a desire to get more things accomplished in a day than is reasonable to expect, thus causing the unfinished activities to pile up. First of all I didn't realize Hubby read my horoscope and second I think they hit the nail on the head today. This being said and trying to learn from it, maybe I won't make my list so unreasonable or so specific. Maybe more general like just to say work on a particular project rather than finish it. Oh well, it is kind of ironic coming after my last post about cleaning.

This is a picture of my first Not a Wink, I did get the second one quilted Thursday plus 2 smaller quilts quilted for Carol. I got the binding sewn on and started the hand work on it last night.

After I got my errands finished yesterday morning I worked on Garden party. I wish I had taken a picture of my cutting table while I had the whole drawer of 1.5 inch strips piled on top. I kept saying to my self  "I am looking for a quilt in here". It is pretty much a messy drawer and probably time for a lot of it to go away. I did find a lot more neutrals than I realized I had in there. I shouldn't have to cut any neutrals but will probably have to cut some dark strips.

Going to be helping Carol cut out a Turning Twenty quilt today. Looking forward to that and I am sure it will bring back lots of good memories from teaching it at Quilters Refuge, miss those days.

Happy Stitching,


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  1. Loving your Garden Party progress! Mine is growing like a weed. Have fun cutting the Turning Twenty quilt. Those are fun too.