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Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools Day

I'm kind of glad March is over. It was definitely a whirl wind month. Between the hassle of a crashing computer and Johnny's stay in the hospital I didn't feel like I had gotten anything accomplished, but looking back at my quilting log and some of the pictures I have taken, I did get quite a bit done. My quilting log shows I have quilted nine for other people. I have quilted eight items for myself. Now some of these items have been baby quilts, table runners and pillows, while others were large quilts, so I guess this accounts for a good hunk of my time for the month.

This is my latest quilted pillow. I got the idea for it from a book of charm square patterns. It is a 20 inch pillow. I like to do the envelope closing on the back so there is no hand closing. It takes a little more fabric this way but makes it easy to laundry if it gets dirty or if you get tired of it you can use the pillow form on something else.

I pulled out this little Halloween quilt from my to be quilted stash so that I could practice spider webs. I had a friend bring me a big Halloween quilt and I finished it this month as part of those 9 quilted for others.

I also quilted the baby 30 Something.

I have several tops that have been finished for a while. I am trying to put them together with backs and binding. I hope April will be a month to crank up the quilting of some of these older projects.
I'll post photos as I get the together.

Happy stitching,


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