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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Double Nine Patch

I am going to have to stay off the internet if I ever want to get anything completed. I saw a variation of a Double Nine Patch the other day and off I go. The one I saw had the big light blocks reversed with only 4 large lights and 5 small nine patches but I didn't like how it connected with the other blocks so I reversed it. This was gave me the bonus secondary pattern of the large four patch. I also like how the smaller nine patches circle around the four patch. Another change I made was to make sure my larger blocks were darker and read more solid using tone on tone rather than a busy print. I am making 30 blocks, so with these 13.5 inch finished blocks the top will measure 67 x 81. I don't think I will add a border, but that is an option if I want it a little bigger.

Getting side tracked like this is not helping me finish my goals for the year much less my weekly goals. I have a doctors appointment and a back to school bash on Wednesday so that will pretty much wipe out that day. It is supposed to storm here tomorrow but who knows, they have missed it several ties lately. Johnny came into my sewing room the other day and said "I see things are back to normal" which translates to yes the sewing room was back in a mess. His comment for the quilt shack was "I love what you are doing with the place" and yes it is pretty piled up too. That being said I am going to keep my list fairly simple this week and hope to get something accomplished , including cleaning.

1. quilt at least one of the four quilts I have in que
2. finish piecing the double nine patch
3. work on Rick Rack Nines a 12 for 12 project

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  1. I have not seen this 9-patch design before...very nice! Sewing (and knitting) websites are a danger for me too. Too many ideas...not enough time!

  2. Oh... I am really liking this design! It's amazing how distracted and side-tracked we get! :)

  3. Sometimes we need the shot of adrenaline that a new project provides. May the creative juices flow over into enthusiasm for projects already in the works!

  4. Wonderful new project you've got going there! Blogland is fabulous for giving us inspiration, even if it sometimes makes us struggle to stay on track:-) Love the scrappy quilt on your blog header!

  5. Well, it IS hard not to look at quilts on the internet and even hard, when they take hold, to resist making them. I like your colors on this current quilt. Good luck with your goals for the week.

  6. Been sitting here doing the same looking at quilts when I should be quilting, but then we would miss out on lovely projects such as yours

  7. I spend an hour or so on the internet in the morning and then I have to set the computer aside or I get nothing done all day. Better to be doing than looking.

  8. Yes, the internet can be a huge time suck. So many rabbit trails! Keep to your intention and your double nine-patch will be a flimsy soon. Great setting.

  9. I love how this is shaping up! Maybe you should add an item to your "To Do" list: start a quilt inspired by the internet. Then you can check that off and feel productive :)