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Thursday, May 25, 2017

100 patch blocks

One of my weekly goals this week was to work on this 100 patch quilt. I only needed 6 more blocks to have the 20 that I had decided was necessary for the size quilt I wanted. As I was working on another block last night and finishing it up this morning I had a lot of different thoughts running through my mind. First was why I was so obsessed with using up all my scraps when I have new fabric that has never been cut. While scrap quilts is kind of like making something for nothing, you have to deal will raveling and strings. Newly cut fabric would be so much neater. But then I started actually looking at some of the pieces and recalling memories. This little piece was from the backing fabric of that quilt or these were left overs from teaching the Thimbleberries block of the month quilts. I taught that four years and have made several quilts from just those fabrics but they are slowly going away. Some of the squares I could remember which quilt shop I bought them from, some of those shops are closed now. Some I know were gifted to me by friends. Some I think I purchased when I first started quilting and that has been over 17 years ago. Most have been in multiple quilts but no two are exactly alike. Also I think age is a factor in this little mental argument I am having with myself. I am hearing about too many older quilter friends families that are having to do away with that persons quilting  supplies and it is just heartbreaking. I have no idea what would happen to all mine so I guess I am doing my best to use them up now while I am able. It is a monumental task but a reality all people must face at some time. Little by little I am going through all my project bags and boxes to determine if the project is something I am interested in finishing or if it is something I can pass on to someone else. Thankfully the guilds nickle auction is giving me an outlet for these items. Meanwhile I will keep working on the last 5 100 patch blocks and hopefully check off another UFO from my list. 

Happy Stitching,


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