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Thursday, May 18, 2017

latest read

   I am reading a mystery series by David Archer. They started out pretty light, good plot a little humor, a little romance. I am up to book 8 now and it has gotten into some pretty scary stuff-- politics. The power in politics or the horror in politics is weighing heavily  into the plot, but truthfully it is the horror in power that is the true evil.  They are very well written and not to graphic or too detailed. They move quickly, this first set was a free download from Barnes and Nobel. We have found several good authors by trying some of these free books.

On the quilting front, today I hope to quilt a top that has been finished for some time.  I think the pattern is called Square Deal or Fair and Square, not sure, I'll have to find the magazine it was in and find out. It is made with 30's reproduction fabrics.

 Happy Stitching,


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