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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Almost There

Yesterday I had a quilt loaded on the long arm but just couldn't find the motivation to go out and quilt it. In stead I worked on my 100 patch blocks. I only needed two more to have the required 20 blocks  I wanted. My box of two inch squares was about empty so I pulled some short strips from my overstuffed 2.5 inch strip drawer and cut them down to get a few more squares. I finished the two blocks and started the process of setting them together. I chose a royal blue Kona cotton.

I cut a 15.5 inch strip of the royal blue then sub cut into 3.5 inch sections.

I had to get back into the 2 inch squares box to make the four patches for the corner stones.

Adding another row and I think I have made the right choice in the blue.

I finally get all 5 rows together, but it was to late to think about borders. I plan to add a five inch border in the same blue and bind it in the same fabric. I think it will frame it nicely and maybe have some control over all that scrapyness (not sure that is a word). There is 2048 two inch squares in this quilt. Can't wait to get the borders on and this one quilted, I am really loving it.

Happy Stitching,


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