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Monday, May 29, 2017

Final Two

Several months back I saw a patchwork quilt, probably on Pinterest, that was 100 pieces sashed in a bright orange fabric. That one color seemed to pull it all together and it was a wonderful way to use up scraps. I decided to use two inch squares and setting them 10 by 10 will made a 15 inch finished block. At first I thought 12 blocks would be enough but latter decided that 20 would make an overall better size quilt. I am down to my final two and this is what is left of my two inch squares. 
Truthfully I have already had to dip into my two inch strip drawer and cut more squares but I have depleted the variety there as well. I have tried not to repeat a fabric in a block but may have slipped on one or two. I may be forced to get into my fat quarter cabinet and pull some variety from that. I have a lot of smaller pieces there that probably need to be cut down so this will help clean out the cabinet and make room for some newer stuff. I usually just cut what I need and leave the partial fat quarter in the cabinet for later use, only after it gets down to less that 4 inches will I cut it up and put it in the strip drawers.  Hopefully I can finish the last two blocks and start putting them together. I have chosen a royal blue for the sash fabric. I plan to cut it 3.5 inches and use the 2 inch squares to make a four patch for the corner stones. If you do the math that is 2000 squares for the block and a few more for the corner stones.  Check back later to see if I have been successful.

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