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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pillow Dilemma

Last Tuesday night at the Quilt Lovers Guild meeting Becky shared a pineapple pillow she had made for her granddaughter. It coordinated with the quilt she had done called Bad Hair Day. It was a two color pillow and I just loved it. The not scrappy aspect of it inspired me to try my own. I  had thought I would use Bonnie Hunter's Pineapple Blossom and just reduce the size, and the dilemma begins.

I reduced the strips to 1.5 inches and the squares to 2.5 inches and that makes a 6 inch finished block. The problem is I have an 18 inch pillow form that I planned to use and if you lay out the blocks like the pattern above it is not going to look the same set 3 by 3.

The blocks can be turned this way as well but adding the other blocks will change the pattern.

I thought about forgetting the pineapple pattern and lay them out this way and I believe it would be alright to add the other blocks. I haven't made them yet although I have one started.

Another option would be to add another round to the block and make it an 8 inch finished block and I could either find a 16 inch pillow form or frame the four blocks so that I could use the 18 inch form I already have. The whole time I am making these blocks I am thinking they are just not the same as Becky's. Hers were smaller, maybe paper pieced, but then the main difference hit me, they were true pineapple blocks where all four corners are sewn off, huge difference. So it is back to the drawing board trying to copy Becky's inspiration, but what about these blocks. I am open to suggestions. Please leave me a comment saying which way I should go, meanwhile they are on hold.

Happy Stitching,


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