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Monday, May 1, 2017

DWM May 1st 2017

Oh where is this year going? May 1st already and while I did get a lot done last week I only added a few blocks to my Garden Party. I am liking how it is going except for the speed of it. In all fairness I did have a few things that took priority this past week due to deadlines. I am not sure I will get to work on it this week even as much as I did last week. I am going to have to spend some time on those items left on my 12 for 12 list. I confess I have finished the easiest ones first and now am going to have to put some work into the others, but then, that is the reason they are on the list, to force my hand to complete them. Someone else blogged about accountability of list and goals and that is a definite thing with me and blogging about them makes it even more accountable. No longer able to push them to the back burner or hide them away in a project bag or box by the end of the year I want these 12 projects DONE. Of course it won't be free sailing next year because in my cleaning and organizing I am finding at least 12 more projects that I still want to finish. I am culling a few things where I have just made a few blocks and put it aside for some reason. They will either go to the guild's Nickle Auction or into a quilt back. 

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